American Eagle Credit Card (AEO) Benefits


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American Eagle Credit Card Benefits

Let’s take a look at American eagle credit card (AEO Credit Card) program.

The best part of AE Outfitters ( AEO), they give really a good service, and let’s take a look by starting with coupons.



👉 2,500 points = 10$,

👗 Free stranded shopping,

🎁 20% offer if you use birthday coupon,

👖 Buy 5 jeans and get 1 free jeans,

😵Personal shopping day coupon,

💳 6 cardholder events every year,

🔥 Sign up bones, and more.

Don’t miss. Want to know full article about American eagle credit card coupons click here.


American eagle credit card benefits

  • Your AE credit card points will not expire as long as your account is active.
  • If a buyer buy regularly at AE Outfitters (AEO) or Aerie stores by using this credit card they can get good benefit form AE.
  • AE Outfitters  or Aerie stores offers a discount of 15% for the first purchase made by a new Credit Card. To know more click here.

For Ex:-

If a buyer buy accessories on a purchase amount of 400$, the buyer save 60$ with very little time.

  • When we come to AE Visa card, it offers a high annual percentage rate of 25.24% (APR).
  •  AEO credit card can only be used to purchase at AE Outfitters (AEO) and Aerie stores and you can purchase form only stores at and


Easy Earning Points

  • All AE credit card holders can warm 15 points per 1$ spent within the AEO store and Aerie stores.
  • A basic non credit card holder person can only earn 10 points per 1$ spent.

The benefits of the credit card depends on which type of card you are approved for. AE proviedes two types of cards. They are AE Connected card and AE Visa card. Compared to AE Connected card AE Visa card has many advantages.


NOTE:- “ Your AE credit card points will not expire as long as your account is active ”

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