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American Eagle Credit Card Login Step by Step and Manage

American eagle Credit Card, In the wake of getting a charge card from American eagle, you need to agree to accept internet managing an account with Synchrony Bank / Pursuing it, you will almost certainly pay your Visa on the web, make some purchases, and do different pieces of stuff with your card on the web. Now of our American eagle charge card audit, we will unveil how to sign in to your Visa record well ordered.

  • At first, you need to get to the associated webpage of the American Eagle card ( link )
  • Following it, you will get to see the site page of Synchrony Bank – that is where you can finish American Eagle Mastercard login. On the left half of the page, there will be a web-based financial structure.
  • Clicking on the construction, you will get the opportunity to see the site page of Synchrony Bank/ American eagle Credit Card – that is where you can finish American Eagle Visa login. On the left half of the page, there will be an internet banking structure.
  • You can likewise check the container close “Recollect User ID” content line. That will enable you to spare your username for future sessions.
  • In the end, you ought to finish the procedure by tapping on the “Protected Login” catch.
  • In a minute, you will get to your internet banking account. That will enable you to do every one of the activities with your AEO charge you needed.

Apply For American Eagle Credit Card


If you have finally decided to apply for the American eagle credit card, you can complete this procedure entirely online. The process is relatively simple and will not take more than 10 minutes. This part of our evaluation will support you to submit your application.

  • To apply for the American Eagle Credit Card, open up the synchrony credit official page
  • On that page, search for “APPLY NOW” button and click it– you can find it in the right portion of the page.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the webpage of Synchrony Bank containing application form. Read the terms of usage there and scroll down.
  • Then, start filling out that application form. At first, you need to provide your first and last name, your address, phone number, and email address.
  • Following it, put in your social security number(SSN), DOB, and yearly income.
  • After you are ready to fill out your AEO request form, you should click on the “Continue” button.
  • Following it, complete the residual stages of the request process.
  • In the end, you shall see the result of your application instantly. If you have been accepted or failed for the AEO credit card right away, then it may take up to 10 business days to review your application.

How to Recover Your Password and User ID:


Losing your password and User ID doesn’t mean you can’t get it back. To recover your password and User ID:

  • Click the “FORGOT PASSWORD” link in the login page
  • Provide your User ID and Zip code
  • Select your password, and then tap login to access your account

Eagle Credit Card payment online:


Here’s the way to pay your American Eagle Credit Card bill on the web:

  • Head to the American eagle site, at that point utilize your charge card login to get to your account and record. First-time clients without an American eagle login can enroll through the site. You’ll require your mom’s original last name, your date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your email address.
  • From the American eagle credit card account the board page on the site, sign into your record, and after that click “Pay Online” to make an installment. Pay at any rate the base sum due to maintain a strategic distance from late installment punishments. Intrigue accumulates on the unpaid segment of past explanation adjusts.
  • Enter your ledger number and your bank’s directing number before presenting your online installment. The bank necessarily is U.S. – based. The payment will post to your record one day after you start it.

How to register your American Eagle credit card:


To make payment and other transaction you need to register your American Eagle credit card on the official website, which is After you have registered at the site, you can easily use your card to make any transaction. So here in the review session, we are coming up with steps that you need to follow to register your American Eagle credit card.


Step 1- You have to open the browser and search the official website.

Step 2- You will see a dialogue box which says “Log-in,” and under that, you can see a link if “Sign-up.” You need to click on the signup link.

Step 3- Now provide the credit card number that you have got.

Step 4- Now, you will see a prompt showing submit button, click on that.

Step 5- Now provide the user ID and the password you have generated an email ID.

Step 6- Now click to next.


Now, registered you can easily use it. The approval can take time but be sure about it.

 American Eagle credit card customer care support:


When you are in any kind of trouble or got stuck in any step, you can easily make a call to the following number to resolve your issues 800-807-3783. This is the contact number of  American Eagle credit card customer support. They will assist you with the best solution and any help.

Q and A


What are the Benefits of American Eagle credit card?


In this post, we have pointed out some of the basics of this card. Now in this post, we will show you the American Eagle credit card reviews and benefits. The benefits go in the account of those people who shops at American Eagle very frequently. Even when a person buys any clothes, there are the chances he can save money per year. The fact about these points is that they never get expired. You can use the birthday coupon for any further purchase as well.

Is the American Eagle credit card right?


The American Eagle credit card is very much better than any credit card in the market. It offers a 3% reward rate and comes with a high percentage rate generally (APR) is 25.24%.

 What credit score do you need for an American Eagle credit card?


You are eligible for an American Eagle store card if you have a credit score like 500s to 600s.  However, this credit card requires a high credit score.

Is there an annual fee for American Eagle credit card?


The American Eagle credit card doesn’t cost anything to use it. You can take full advantage of this credit card without any hidden charges. It is free for standard shipping if you pay your bills on time.

Does American Eagle have a credit card?


No matter what type of card you get from the American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) gives you the map with good first-purchase discount and amazing bonus from AEO rewards.

What bank is American Eagle credit card?


Synchrony Bank issues this card.

How do I deactivate my American Eagle credit card?


When you have the card you and you want to deactivate your American Eagle credit card, you can call on the contact number given on the back of your card and request them to close your account.

How do I redeem American Eagle points?


When you want to redeem your earned points, you can signup for the AE Rewards, or you can download the American Eagle app. There are many other options through which you can redeem your points like Shopkick and SnipSnap.

Can you use a visa gifts card on your American Eagle?


The visa reward card can generally be used almost everywhere. You can’t access cash or ATM.

Does American Eagle have an app?


Recently AEO introduced which offers a new rewards program, and it is about extra goodies stuff to its customers. You can easily signup for the app and shop from the app to start earning rewards like free jeans, bra, and many more things.

Can I pay my American Eagle credit card in store?


These credit card stores do not accept payment for the AEO. But you can make payment for the credit card online.

How do you add a gift card to American Eagle?


When you want to redeem the points online, visit the official website, and you have to enter the gift card number along with the PIN right at the page of payment.

Do American Eagle points expire?


Not actually, if the rewards get expired, they will not be available to be redeemed. Rewards are available for 45 days after the period they are issued.

Does American Eagle give birthday discounts?


The moment when you are going to signup for the AEO connected rewards, you will be served with a 15% off. You can get many kinds of stuff for free and many more.

Does American Eagle have free shipping?


The official website of American Eagle offers free shipping on every order for $50 or more for US-based customers. If you are shopping under $50, you will be $7.00 for standard shipping.

Has AEO connected a credit card?


Purchases that you make are meant to be credit approval. Thus you must use your AEO connected credit card to earn 15 points if you spend $1. Check out the AEO connected rewards terms.

What does AEO stand for?


The abbreviation AEO does signify American Eagle Outfitters.

Does American Eagle have to pick up in store?


American Eagle offers you to reserve your item which you like, and you can try it in store. When you book the article, after an hour you will receive a notification that your item is ready to be tried on.

Where is the PIN on an American Eagle gift card?


You can get the gift card number when you turn back of the gift card under a barcode. This PIN can also be seen again of your card. You have to scratch the protective shield using a coin so that you can read that four digit pin.

How do I exchange at American Eagle?


When you want to return or exchange anything that you have purchased from online from AEO factory store, then you have to send an invoice with your order and credit card number that is used for the process.

How to activate American Eagle credit card?


When you want your credit card in the working mode, you have to provide your photo ID along with your email address. Now go to the log-in page, and you will see the notification that your credit card is activated.

Requirements for American Eagle credit card


When you want to get registered, you will have to obtain a mobile/pc/laptop, internet or WiFi connections and your bank details that are required to be filled on the official website. Apart from these things, you need a photo ID to provide in the section and to get identified.

American Eagle Credit Card’s Rewards and Benefits:


As an American Eagle Credit Card client, you will get a respected rebate of 15% the first time when you make a buy with your new card American Eagle Credit Card Review. Additionally, for each $25 that you go through when shopping with the card at Aerie or American Eagle, you earn 1 Extra Savings Point. Each point is worth $1, and they are redeemable as limits when making a buy from their store as it were.


Every year, you will need to take an interest in rare sparing occasions the store holds for its cardholders as it were. A portion of the extraordinary highlights if the sparing focuses are that they don’t lapse, and even the birthday coupon can be utilized some other day, not merely on your birthday. American Eagle Credit Card You can, in this manner, spare it for buy on a later date. On every birthday, as a cardholder, you will get a 20% off coupon for a purchase that you will make on your birthday. The store hosts four special savings events each year exclusively for cardholders. Also, active holders receive a 20% off coupon each year on their birthday.


Both American eagle credit cards deliver numerous of the same discounts and exclusive perks, although the most significant difference between them is that the AEO Connected Visa can be used outside of AE and Aerie stores.

American eagle Credit Card Review


With no yearly charge and a generally simple qualifying process, applying for one of the American Eagle Outfitters MasterCard may bode well on the off chance that you usually shop at American eagle or Aerie and will exploit the horde advantages.


Obviously, on the off chance that you would lean toward money back charge card that offers greater adaptability in gaining and recovering prizes, you could likewise select to join AEO’s Connected Rewards program without getting an American Eagle MasterCard.

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