How to Apply for an American Eagle (AEO) Credit Card

American Eagle credit card

How to Apply for an American Eagle Credit Card

As we know that American Eagle Credit Card have 2 different credit cards:-

  • The AEO connected credit card and,
  • The AEO connected visa credit card.

Both credit cards are issued by synchrony bank.

Let’s Start:-

  • Go to the American Eagles site to apply for the credit card you want.
  • Then fill the application and click submit, after few days they will contact you.
  • If you don’t receive any call from AEO or synchrony Bank you can contact them by making a call. “Click here for contact them“.
  • When we applying for an American Eagle Credit Card there is only one application for both credit cards. Application are initially considered for the visa type credit card. If they do not qualify, they are then considered for the basic type of credit card.


When you apply for an AEO Credit Credit credit card the approval is based on credit worthiness. And it’s at the sole discretion of the financial institution.

After, AEO or Synchrony bank need minimum score disables the card and the score is more important for both the cards.

Questions and Answers

Is the American Eagle (AEO) Credit Card Good or Not?

It was depending on your Credit Card, it means which card you approved for, what rewards you would like to redeem the rewards.

The American Eagle (AEO) Credit Card can only be used at AE store and Aerie stores only. When coming to the AEO Visa connected card you can only be used anywhere where visa is accepted.

How American Eagle (AEO) Credit Card works?

As we know that American Eagle Outfitters giving 2 type of credit cards they are:-

1. American Eagle Connected Credit Card and,

2. American Eagle Visa Credit Card.

The AEO Credit Card and user can earn 15 points to the every 1$ spent at AE and Aerie stores. Visa cardholders also can earn 5 points to the 1$ spent at AE and Aerie stores on all visa purchases.

2,500 points is equal to 10$. If a cardholder earn 2,500 points he receive a 10$ coupon reward if he is a basic reward member.

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