How to make an American Eagle Credit Card (AEO) Payment

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How to make a payment on American Eagle Credit Card?

Apply for a American Eagle store Credit Card gives you access to unique regular rewards.

For Ex:- American Eagle Visa Credit Card offers you 2 free pair of jeans for every 10 pairs of you buy and you get AE Reward 15 points for 1$ spent at AE Outfitters (AEO) or Aerie stores. If you don’t pay your bill on time each month the interest and fees cost you more.

Although you not allowed to pay the bill at AE Credit Card store, you have more other option.

Consumer have 3 ways to make an AE Credit Card payment on stores. Consumer have three different type for make a payment on your AE purchase. The 3 types are:-

1. Pay throughout Online,
2. Pay throughout Mail and,
3. Pay throughout Phone.


1. Pay throughout Online

  • Go to the American Eagle Credit Card (AEO Credit Card) website and Login to the website to access the account. ( If your a new user and you don’t have an AE Credit Card (AEO Credit Card) login, you can register through the website).
  • After login intlo your account just click pay Online to make a payment.
  • Here is the final step, after clicking Pay Online enter your bank account number and bank routing number and click submit to make Online Payment.

NOTE:- Be sure that, bank must be a US based.

2. Pay throughout mail

  • How to make a Mail Payment at American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) or Aerie stores by using the AE credit card Mail Payment.
  • Write a check are take a money order made out to American Eagle Credit Card Inc. (AEO Credit Card)
  • Then final step, Mail the check which you wrote and you must recent statements stub to:-
    AEO, Inc. Credit Card
    P.O. Box 530942
    Santa, GA 30353-0942

3. Pay throughout Phone

You can use this service to pay AE Credit Card bill through phone it was fully free you have another alternative also, you can use customer agent service to pay the AEO Credit Card bill, but it cost you worth 10$.

  • Service number 800-843-0875.
  • Then enter the bank account number, routing number and the amount you want to pay.

Q and A

Any late fee charges by AEO Credit Card?

You have 26 day time period to pay the charges from the last statement to before interest starts. They will charge the fees according to your unpaid.

Which bank issues the AE connected card and AE Visa Card?

Synchrony Bank

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